What the “cluck?” Dec. 13, 9-9:30AM Central w Fresh Eggs Daily’s Lisa Steele

More and more municipalities are reversing old restrictions and once again allowing home owners to raise chickens in their own backyards. This means more and more of us are enjoying fresh eggs (unlike anything you’ll find in the grocery store), and the company of hens. Since lots of city folk … Continue reading

How far for that perfect loaf? Dec. 6, 9-9:30AM Central with Sam Fromartz

What: Deep Roots Radio conversation with Sam Fromartz When: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, 9:00-9:30AM Central Time Where: Broadcast and streamed live from the studios of WPCA Radio, 93.1FM and www.wpcaradio.orgA highly experienced, nationally-recognized and celebrated investigative journalist, Sam Fromartz is Editor in Chief of the Food and Environment Reporting Network … Continue reading

5 below. In the dark. Under the coop.

I started riding NYC subways and buses on my own when I was about 12. My sister and I would take the elevated train to music lessons Saturday mornings – me for flute, Cathy for clarinet. For a short stint, we rode into downtown Manhattan on afternoons to clean cages … Continue reading

The Rush to Winter

Last year, we experienced the “polar vortex” with temperatures in the -40 range and winds of over 35 mph. Over 4.5 ft of snow covered our pastures and the cows eventually refused to slog through it to get to the brook to drink. Dave and I had to haul water … Continue reading

Sat., Nov. 29, 9-9:30AM: The fundamental links between life, fine art and agriculture. Tune in.

The linkages between art, life and the land are deep and undeniable according to nationally- and internationally-recognized painter Gregg Rochester. With degrees and experience in the arts and psychology, Rochester creates oil painting that tap these ties and pull you into their agricultural landscapes. Join us tomorrow, on Deep Roots … Continue reading

“To lay an egg” – city style vs farm style

A milestone. Even as a kid in New York City, I knew that “to lay an egg” was not a good thing. It meant you’d failed to do something you’d set out to accomplish – and everybody knew it. Why’s an egg synonymous with failure? According to numbers of Internet … Continue reading

Where to go for a sustainably-grown Thanksgiving? Listen in Nov. 22, 9-9:30AM Central

You’ve heard lots of news stories about the toxic herbicides and pesticides used to grow food and about the illnesses from bacteria in foods, and now you’re wondering where to go for food you can feel safe to serve family and friends. I hear ya. This morning, on Deep Roots … Continue reading

We’re on TV! WI Public Television tonight, Nov. 17, 8PM and Nov. 18, 2PM !!

Sooo excited! Bull Brook Keep and our 100% grass-fed beef are featured on tonight’s episode of Around the Farm Table. It’ll be broadcast at 8PM tonight (Nov. 17), and again tomorrow afternoon (Nov. 18) at 2PM. A big thanks to host Inga Witscher and her crew for coming out to … Continue reading

Podcast: What’s in store at Hungry Turtle Weekend, Nov. 14 & 15, Amery, WI

In this Deep Roots Radio interview, Bobby Maher, director of the Hungry Turtle Learning Center, Amery, Wisconsin, describes the many activities scheduled for the upcoming Hungry Turtle Weekend. Coffee workshops, yoga classes, bread-baking session, all about fermenting foods, and a wellness fair are all part of the two-day event. Many … Continue reading