Seed swapping and seed libraries – illegal? SELC’s Neil Thapar and freeing the seeds.

In this Deep Roots Radio interview, attorney Neil Thapar describes the technical glitch that makes it illegal to organize seed libraries or trade seeds with fellow gardeners.
Thapar practices with the Sustainable Economies Legal Center (SELC), Oakland, California. Its mission is to provide legal expertise needed to move communities, governments and organizations from destructive economic systems to innovative, cooperative alternatives. the nonprofit works to create a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment. SELC provides legal tools – education, research, advise and advocacy – so that communities can develop their own sustainable sources of food, housing, energy, jobs and other assets that promote thriving communities.
To find out more about its Save Seed Sharing Campaign, visit


Siggy meets the big, big dogs

Siggy is a little puppy. He’s little because he’s young – under two months old. And he’s little because he’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – a breed that only get’s to be about 14 inches high.
Siggy is so low to the ground that his belly brushes against the grass as he walks across the fields. His legs are so short, he needs to jump when he climbs steps.
He is learning to climb smalls hills and jump over rocks. Siggy is curious about everything!

Siggy is just 6 inches high at the shoulder and less than a foot to the tips of his ears

Siggy is just 6 inches high at the shoulder and less than a foot to the tips of his ears

There are so many new sounds and smells for this little dog. And most of what he sees is very close to the ground. After all, Siggy is just six inches high at the tops of his shoulders.
Siggy is so much shorter than his new pack-mates, Chevy and Parker. Chevy is a German Shorthair Pointer. He’s nine years old and very strong. He’s also a valuable worker on the farm. Chevy’s human master, Dave, spent many, many months training Chevy to be a good hunting dog. Every fall, Dave and Chevy hunt pheasants, grouse, and woodcock. Chevy has lots of energy.Siggy plays with Chevy
Siggy meets Chevy, our German Shorthair Pointer

Siggy meets Chevy, our German Shorthair Pointer

Siggy meets Parker, our English Setter

Siggy meets Parker, our English Setter

Siggy also met Parker, an English Setter with a very waggy tail. Parker is five years old and is also a hunting dog. Parker works with Chevy and Dave when they walk the woods hunting for game birds. Parker and Siggy
Now Chevy and Parker are older, bigger and stronger dogs than little Siggy. They are tall dogs with long legs. They love to run and play roughly with each other, as you can see in this short video,Big dogs play rough Although Siggy would love to run and play with Chevy and Parker all the time, Siggy’s master – his human Sylvia – has to watch very carefully because Siggy is still a small baby. Chevy and Parker don’t want to hurt Siggy, but because they are so much bigger, they might step on him or scratch him by accident.
The dogs will learn to live and play with one another over the months and years. They will work with Sylvia and David to make the farm work well.
Soon Siggy will meet the other animals on the farm.

Meet Siggy – our newest farm baby

With spring comes new life on any farm. For Bull Brook Keep, it means the birth of new BueLingo calves, and a call from the local post office announcing the arrival of our chicks. This April brought yet another baby to our farm – Siggy, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. … Continue reading

Harvey Ussery: Natural, wholistic chicken management (podcast)

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In this Deep Roots Radio interview, chicken guru Harvey Ussery describes ways the small flockster (chicken keeper) can start chicks off right, use natural feed and manure management approaches, and consider improving the breeds.
Ussery’s focus in the small-scale livestock producer – keeper of the small flock for the homestead and market. Based on over 30 years experience, Ussery continues conducting on-farm research and adding to the insights and lessons he shares in talks and workshops across the country. His book and blog “The Small-Scale Poultry Flock” are full, up-to-date resources for the new and experienced poultry keeper.

Jennifer McGruther – pulling traditional, highly nutritious and delicious foods back into today’s kitchens…beautifully

Here’s the podcast!
You want to eat delicious, healthy foods. You want to get back to what’s real, and you want to do it yourself! But you’re not sure where to start, and you wonder if you’ll spend the rest of your life in the kitchen!
Worry no more. Jennifer McGruther recently published an absolutely beautiful cookbook that goes by the same name as her wildly popular website – The Nourished Kitchen. Based on sound science, as well as time-tested approaches, Jennifer’s book will guide you back to great taste and high nutrition. In this Deep Roots Radio interview, she explains how you can do it!

Bringing traditional health and taste back into cooking

Bringing traditional health and taste back into cooking

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 9:00-9:30AM Central – what does an farmer look like? How many acres add up to a real farm?

Tune in! What: According to USDA stats: Who is farming, and how many acres equals a farm. Deep Roots Radio takes a look. Taking a look at the 2012 USDA’s Agricultural Census When: Saturday, March 28, 2015, 9:00-9:30AM Central Where: WPCA Radio, 93.1FM and stream live at … Continue reading

A dusting of snow

Like so many in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I woke to snow this morning and quickly bundled up for morning chores. I pulled up thermals and pulled on my purple balaclava, and braced myself for the cold. What a wonderful surprise it was to open the door to a gentle daybreak. It was calm and felt absolutely balmy.
There was barely a quarter inch of snow on the ground as I headed up the short hill to the tractor. The snow was already dripping down the windshield facing into the sun, and the diesel started right up. The dogs played tug-of-war with a stick as I speared bales and slowly moved them to a distant pasture, and i could hear the rooster crowing from within the coop. I’ve already fed and watered them, but I’ll wait until a few hens have laid eggs in the nest boxes before letting the small flock range the farm for the day.
Now to bake bread.

Deep Roots Radio w Jim French, rancher and ag advisor to Oxfam America

Connecting the dots between what we eat and how its grown

A long-time Kansas rancher, Jim French is Senior Advocacy Advisor for Agriculture to Oxfam America. He has traveled the world in Oxfam’s efforts to work with local communities to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice.
Jim has come to believe that you must meet people where they are in their efforts, tap their local traditions and support their goals for prosperity. It’s not about exporting US agricultural products to foreign countries, but rather supporter their abilities to boost their local food production and economies.
I hope you enjoy this interview. For more information about Oxfam, visit

Podcast: Deep Roots Radio w John Jeavons, author, educator, eco-farm guru

Climate change, intensifying droughts, depleted soils, population growth – how will people feed themselves? In this Deep Roots Radio interview, John Jeavons describes a solution – Biointensive Mini-farming methods now at work in 151 countries.

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Podcast: March Hungry Turtle Weekend of seed starting, birding, maple syrup-making/cooking

In this Deep Roots Radio show, we chat about the March 13 and 14 Hungry Turtle Weekend in Amery, Wisconsin. It’s a fun-filled event complete with music and book signings as well as a first-ever maple cook-off MC’d by yours truly. Sign up, and use the code “110Maple” to get … Continue reading