Dave and Sylvia

Dave and Sylvia Toftness

Connecting the dots between what we eat and how it’s grown

Farming & Living with a tiny carbon hoofprint.
David: David began his work career as a commercial pilot for small business, and as a flight instructor in small planes. In fact, he instructed his son Dan to his first pilot’s license. (In the Air Force, Dan is now an instructor in the new F35 fighter jets.)
From pilot and flight instructor, Dave became a licensed chiropractor and has been serving patients in Polk County, Wisconsin and the Twin Cities metro area for over 30 years. Dave is also certified by the State of Wisconsin in nutritional counseling.
Now retired, Dave is building timber-frame structures large and small, and honing the skills needed in this hard work.
A respectful hunter, David plants ground cover and berry bushes for game birds and other wild life. He works to nurture and protect the land, water and animals placed on this earth for our careful stewardship.

Sylvia: I’m a Latina Baby Boomer from New York City. My family’s apartment in the South Bronx was a third-storey walk-up in a brick tenement building. It was one of thousands. The smells and sounds of a dozen nations spilled into the streets where my friends and I played soldier, stick-bat baseball, hopscotch and tag. Young boys would sometimes do battle with hand-made kites, their long tails affixed with razors and broken glass – perfect for arial competition. And when a kite was sliced free and began to spiral to the ground, kids would yell “Ahh-hoooo-tah” as they scrambled for the falling trophy.
After college, I became a television reporter in Duluth, Minnesota. That was in the early 1970s. During my career in public relations, I served public and private organizations in health care, sustainable agriculture, manufacturing, law enforcement, and education.
I’ve pulled these experiences forward to welcome visitors to our regenerative farming journey, and to produce/co-host Deep Roots Radio. This Saturday morning show (9:00-9:30AM CT) is broadcast and streamed live from the studios of WPCA Radio, 93.1FM and on the Internet at http://wwwpwpcaradio.org.

Dave and I now raise 100% grass-fed beef on our 72-acre farm. He and I serve on the board of directors of the Hungry Turtle Institute. I also serve on the boards of the Hungry Turtle Farmers Cooperative, and MOSES (the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Services nonprofit).

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