Bull Brook Keep – 100% Grass-fed Beef

Farming with a tiny carbon hoofprint (c) – Regenerative & transparent

Sunshine, fresh air, open pastures and clean water. Environmental stewardship, humane animal care, natural diet, and lots of room to graze. (And if you’re a calf, lots of room to run!)
Dave and I are committed to these values because they promote healthy soils, healthy livestock, and, ultimately, the best steaks, roasts and ground beef you can serve family and friends. Our beef is delicious and highly nutritious. It’s lean yet gently marbled to provide healthful Omega 3s and conjugated linolitic acids.
Our farm is on 72 hilly acres in west central Wisconsin – perfect for pasturing livestock. We rotate the herd from field to field so cows and calves get fresh grasses, clovers and herbs – forage that promotes natural, healthful growth and a calm disposition. As they graze, the cows get exercise and deposit fertilizer as they go. A great system! It’s regenerative farming.
Our herd is grass-fed and grass-finished because that’s what’s natural to cattle. It is what’s best for their digestive system and overall wellbeing. We do not feed grain, growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We manage our herd to calve in the spring – in harmony with nature.
We work to continually improve our practices, and we invite you to walk our fields and see what we do. Please visit our farm.
We’d like to be your farmers, and help you do as our cows do: live with a tiny carbon hoofprint (c)*.
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*’Tiny carbon hoofprint’ is a registered trademark of Bull Brook Keep

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