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Here it is, November 10, 2015 – travel day to Dublin, Ireland and the start of our UK-Italy grazefest. I’ll be visiting grass-based sustainable farmers in Ireland, England and Scotland, and chatting with SlowFood advocates in the UK and, hopefully, Italy as well. Yes, we’ll be eating our way – grazing – for a couple of weeks. Can’t wait.

Minneapolis to Dublin - the first leg

Minneapolis to Dublin – the first leg

I’m traveling with my lovely daughter, a writer/singer/rapper who performs as Dessa. She’s a member of the Doomtree crew and is the lead of her own band. She’ll be in the UK for a business conference, and to do a couple of shows.
I’m traveling as myself – a Baby Boomer from the Bronx, retired public relations practitioner, and now farmer. My husband David and I raise 100% grass-fed beef in northwestern Wisconsin. Our farm, Bull Brook Keep, is located in a lovely area of hilly pastures, lots of creeks and small rivers, numerous ponds and many lakes.
Why this trip? I’m on a mission to learn
– How grass-based farms operate in Wexford, Ireland; Bakewell, England; and Cardiff, Wales, and
– To better understand how good-food lovers in the UK and Italy anchor their cultures and economies, as well as their cuisines, in local agriculture.
I’m sure I could study both those issues for years on end, but this is a start. Dessa and I will be traveling together from Nov. 10-24. During the early part of the trip, I’ll be on my own as I walk through pastures. We’ll meet up in Cardiff and continue together from there.
I hope you’ll join our adventure on Facebook and Twitter, #GrazingItalyUK.

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