Meet Siggy – our newest farm baby

Siggy, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

Siggy, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

With spring comes new life on any farm. For Bull Brook Keep, it means the birth of new BueLingo calves, and a call from the local post office announcing the arrival of our chicks.

This April brought yet another baby to our farm – Siggy, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. Hardly bigger than a fat gray rabbit, Siggy is a little dog that thinks he’s as big as a lab. To be sure, I’ve high hopes that Siggy will grow to be an important member of our working farm.

I invite you to follow Siggy’s adventures. I’ll be sharing them every week or so in the form of a children’s story. Let me know what you think. Here’s the link to our first installment.

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