Dexter cattle – a thrifty, small cow for small-acre farms offers “right-sized” portions to meet demand for grass-fed beef

Docile Dexters at Birch Grove Farm

I love trading stories and learning from other cattle farmers, or ranchers as they say out West. And being able to attend the Region 12 annual meeting of the American Dexter Cattle Association was a real treat. Held at Birch Grove Farm, Deer Park, Wisconsin, the event was hosted by farm owners Kevin and Barb McAnnany and near neighbors Cherrie and Steven Woods of Plum Creek Little Cattle Company.

Although my husband Dave and I raise 100% grass-fed BueLingo cattle, the Dexter group welcomed us with big smiles. I’m so glad we were invited.

The gathering pulled Dexter ranchers from throughout the Region 12 area: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. The meeting started off with official business, featured three presentations (research on hay storage, about vaccinations, and direct-marketing beef), and a delicious pot luck. I was honored to give the brief talk on marketing.

I was also glad for the opportunity to interview a handful of the leaders and attendees. I hope you’ll enjoy this Deep Roots Radio in-the-field interview.
For another account of this meeting, take a look at detailed news article in The Country Today.


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