Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin – how rainforest stories of “Green Man” fuel his values and demos of regenerative ag systems in Minnesota

I know you’ll be fascinated by Reginaldo (Regi) Haslett-Marroquin’s new book, In the Shadow of Green Man. Get a copy at your earliest opportunity and be prepared for a memoir unlike any you’ve encountered. Half bio, half legends, it’s a page-turner.

In this Deep Roots Radio interview, Regi describes how and why he weaves his personal biography with the tales of Green Man, an alter ego that personifies the challenges, ravages, questions and watershed decisions within the multi-storied ecosystem of a threatened rainforest – the rainforest in which Regi farmed with his father and brothers as civil war raged.

Regi is the chief strategy officer for Main Street Project, a nonprofit headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota. He is the principal developer and engineer of the innovative poultry-centered regenerative agriculture model that is at the heart of the organization’s work. His focus is on multi-level strategies for building regenerative food and ag systems that deliver social, economic and ecological benefits. He does this work in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.
He began his work with Indigenous Guatemalan communities in 1988. He served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Latin America and as an advisor to the World Council of Indigenous People. He was a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation in 1994.
Regi served as Director of the Fair Trade Program for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy from 1995-1998, and led in the creation of Peace Coffee, a Minnesota-based fair-trade coffee company.
Regi lives with his family in Northfield, Minn.

I hope you enjoy this interview.

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