Siggy – the farm dog

An ongoing adventure story for children of all ages

April 18, 2014
Today begins a new chapter as Dave and I welcome our puppy, Siggy, to the farm. And with his arrival, I embark into storytelling for children ages 1 to 101. I hope Siggy’s adventures will engage young imaginations, and perhaps, offer interesting insights into life on a sustainable cattle farm.

Virtually every installment will have photos, and many will include videos.

If you or your children have a question about farm life or about this little herding dog, send me a note. I’ll be posting Siggy’s adventures every week or so. You’ll never know what challenges Siggy will face as he grows, learns how to be a herding dog, and starts working on Bull Brook Keep.


1. Siggy arrives at the farm
2. Siggy meets the big, big dogs
3. Siggy Meets the Chickens
4. Siggy, the stubborn puppy
5. Bath time for Siggy

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