Siggy arrives at the farm

Siggy was born to a big, loving family in northern Minnesota. Although he was born on a cold day, Siggy stayed cozy because he snuggled with his mom and six wriggly brothers and sisters.

Today, Siggy is two months old – time to meet his new farm family: Sylvia and Dave (his humans), and Chevy and Parker (his pack mates).

Sylvia drove 100 miles to get Siggy. She prepared for this special trip by placing a dog travel crate on the back seat of her car. She lined the crate with towels and a soft blanket so that Siggy would be safe and comfortable as they made their way back to their Wisconsin farm.

Sylvia and Siggy liked each other right from the start. She patted his head and he licked her fingers. When it was time to head home, he followed her to the car, his little tail wagging.

Sylvia placed Siggy in the roomy crate and introduced him to his first toy – a soft rag doll. They then began their trip to their farm – Bull Brook Keep. They passed streams and bright blue lakes, dark brown fields waiting to be planted, and pastures of grazing cows, sheep and llamas.

Siggy's happy to be in his new home

Siggy’s happy to be in his new home

When they got to the farm, Sylvia lifted Siggy from the travel crate and placed him on the new spring grass. He yipped at the blue birds that chirped nearby, and chewed on a little stick. Siggy ran this way and that. There were so so many new sounds, sights and smells! After a while, Siggy just sat down and put his head on his little paws. He was tired. It had been a long drive and a busy day.

Sylvia gave Siggy water, food and spoke to him in a soft, low voice. She placed him back in the crate – a warm and quiet place. Soon Siggy was asleep, his head resting against his rag doll.

Tomorrow, Siggy will meet the the other farm animals – the cows, chickens, and dogs. And over the next few months he’ll begin to learn his job – the one he was born to do – herding livestock.

No, Siggy isn’t just any puppy. He’s a farm puppy with a big adventure ahead of him.

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