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Saturdays, 9:00-9:30AM CT on wpcaradio.org

Saturdays, 9:00-9:30AM CT on wpcaradio.org


Investing slow $$$ to build a better food system, faster. Chat with Renewing the Countryside’s Brett Olson.

One way to move America’s food system to great taste, high nutrition, environmental stewardship, humane animal welfare, and fair wages is through thoughtful investment – slow money. What is slow money? How does it work and what does it mean to you and me? How can you and I make a difference? Find out in this Deep Roots Radio interview with Brett Olson, co-founder and creative director of Renewing the Countryside. Minnesota’s first Slow Monday event is June 17, 2015, 5:00-8:00PM at Como Park, St. Paul, Minn. For information on this event, click here.