Update: Plowing with my keyboard

Grrr, and Happy Anniversary

It’s part of farming – a part that cramps my neck and makes my eyes water from fatigue: computer work.
I’ve been rebuilding this website – From the Bronx to the Barn – for several weeks now. Why so long? Because a website that includes podcasts, automated feeds to iTunes, videos to YouTube and photos to galleries isn’t the easiest thing to construct. At least not for this farmer.

Farming at the computer

Farming at the computer

I’m migrating my website to a new service provider and I’m doing it with unfamiliar software. Yes, I’ve a few bald patches to show for the effort.
Why do this? Because the software platform of my old website is being discontinued, and Dave and I don’t want to miss ways to connect with you. Hopefully, the redesigned website will be easier for you to read and navigate. And, eventually, it’ll be easier for me to post podcasts, share updates and send you invitations to our farm. We hope you’ll come and walk the fields with us.
I also hope you’ll be patient as I continue building this website over the next several weeks. If you see a glitch, please a let me know. And if you’ve got tips, holler!
Thanks for walking this path with us.

Oh, today is Dave and my wedding anniversary. It’s the absolute highlight of the day!

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