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Deep Roots Radio, 91.3FM and www.wpcaradio.org

Deep Roots Radio, 91.3FM and www.wpcaradio.org

Saturdays, 9:00-9:30 AM Central
WPCA Radio, 93.1 FM and
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Deep Roots Radio is all about connecting the dots between what we eat and how it’s grown so that we can be better informed about our food choices and agricultural practices.

Why does an experienced rancher switch from what he knows – conventional feed-lot cattle management – to sustainable grazing? What motivates a policymaker to push for a Farm Bill that encourages sustainable and organic practices? What makes a chef devote herself to pastured meat ingredients? And why would a young couple explore and document the culinary and cultural benefits of sustainable practice in every corner of the globe?

Farmers, ranchers, scientists, chefs, authors, film makers and activists, students, teachers, policy gurus and others are among the many guests featured on Deep Roots Radio every week. Please join me as they describe their experiences and make the linkages between food choice, farming practice and taste, nutrition, soil and water quality, and community vitality.

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