This blog is about our journey – our challenges, progress, and commitment to raising and selling 100% grass-fed beef. Thanks for joining us.
At Bull Brook Keep, Dave and I work to connect the dots between what we eat and how it’s grown so that you can make the food and farm-production choices that’ll help you live the life you truly want. We’re committed to farming and living with a tiny carbon hoofprint (TM), and when you purchase our beef, you become an important part of a better food system.
To do this, we
– Live in thanksgiving
– Use sustainable, regenerative farming practices
– Raise and sell 100% grass-fed beef. This means our cattle eat only grass their entire lives. They get no grain, no growth hormones, no herbicides, and no subclinical antibiotics.
– Welcome visitors to walk our fields
– Share our experiences through blogging, writing and radio
– Offer marketing communications services

I’m Sylvia Burgos Toftness. I grew up in the Bronx at a time when New York City was still getting its vegetables from neighboring New Jersey. Times have changed. By the time I was raising my children in Minneapolis, Minnesota food was traveling over 1,000 miles and often listed chemical ingredients impossible to pronounce.
Today, my husband Dave and I raise 100% grass-fed beef in western Wisconsin because we’ve learned that local, sustainable and wholesome matter. What you eat and how it’s grown affects taste, nutrition, soil and water quality, whether someone makes a living wage, and if a town will have a thriving local economy.
Our farm, Bull Brook Keep, is located on 72 rolling acres just 65 miles northeast of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We invite you to visit.
I also hope you’ll join me and my guests Saturday mornings, 9:00-9:30 AM Central Time, for the latest edition of Deep Roots Radio. I interview guests from around the country. They are farmers and ranchers, teachers and scientists, chefs and authors, policymakers and film makers. Each describes why they’re committed to healthful, delicious, sustainable foods. The show is broadcast and streamed live from the studios of WPCA Radio, 93.1 FM, Amery, Wisconsin.
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  1. Sylvia: Very glad to see you are still involved in organic/sustainable agriculture, as am I. Your cattle are beautiful, I wish my freezer was bigger. It’s been a fascinating 30 years since we started out. If you are at MOSES in Feb look me up at the Sunopta booth.

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