News Coverage

– Oct. 19, 2015. Dessa (my daughter Maggie) and I have very different careers, yet we share a deep love and commitment to good food. From Cattle Ranching to Hip-Hop, A Family’s Love of Clean Food Prevails, by Amanda Zental-Wiener.
– June 17, 2015. A profile of the farm, and farmer, by a very good friend. Keeping Bull Brook Keep, blog post by Cathy de Moll.
– Nov. 24, 2014. “Growing in Number,” by Natalie Amend, University of Wisconsin Journalism School’s CURB magazine, features three Wisconsin women farmers, including your’s truly.
– Oct. 2014. “Skijoring with Carlos.” Wisconsin Public Television’s Around the Farm Table program featured our farm and grass-fed cattle. It was fun to have Inga Witscher and her film crew with us.
– November 26, 2013. “Blogging the Farm: The Rural Writers and Their Urban Fans.” Modern Farmer magazine.
– March 28, 2012. The Country Today. Front page of the Farm Country section. Yup, that’s Dave Corbett and me. IMG_0105IMG_0106
– June 2011. GrazeFest Minnesota. FairShare CSA Coalition article about three women farmers, including yours truly, whose products were featured at the 2011 GrazeFest celebration.

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